Union Budget 2024 & the Future of Real Estate in Kolkata

Delve into the heart of Kolkata’s real estate sector, and you’ll discover a world where affordability meets quality living. Against the backdrop of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s discourse on the Union Budget 2024, Kolkata emerges as a beacon of promise, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and investment potential.

Let’s explore the key implications of the budget on Kolkata’s real estate landscape and uncover the city’s trajectory towards growth and development.

Affordable Flats in Kolkata: A Testament to Oswal’s Excellence

Nestled beside the serene Hooghly River, Kolkata’s real estate market retains its allure with affordability at its core. 

Amidst the budget’s emphasis on promoting home ownership, Kolkata’s affordability quotient shines brighter than ever. Developers like the Oswal Group lead the charge, offering affordable yet quality upcoming residential projects in Kolkata that resonate with the aspirations of modern homebuyers. 

As policies align to incentivize investment, Kolkata stands poised to witness a surge in affordable housing options, ensuring that dreams of homeownership become a reality for many.

Currently, affordable housing accounts for just 20% of total sales, a significant drop from the previous 40%. However, with the provision of special support, tax incentives, and financial assistance, the government can rejuvenate this segment of the housing market. Such measures are crucial for bridging the gap in housing availability.

Embracing Sustainability: IGBC Certified Buildings Spearheaded by Oswal

In an era where environmental consciousness takes precedence, Kolkata’s real estate developers are embracing sustainable practices with zeal. The rise of IGBCcertified buildings underscores the city’s commitment to eco-friendly living. Leading this charge is the Oswal Group, renowned for its dedication to sustainable development. With the Union Budget 2024 echoing the call for environmental conservation, Kolkata’s skyline is set to transform, adorned with buildings that not only promise luxury but also prioritize sustainability and well-being.

Futuristic Living: Upcoming Residential Marvels by Oswal Group

Kolkata’s real estate narrative unfolds with a tapestry of upcoming residential projects, each promising a lifestyle of opulence and comfort. Developers like the Oswal Group redefine urban living with iconic river-facing flats and the best luxury apartments in Kolkata that exude elegance. As Kolkata’s skyline evolves, these projects stand as testaments to the city’s upward trajectory, shaping its identity as a premier real estate destination in the country.

Setting the Benchmark: Oswal Group’s Legacy of Excellence

When it comes to the epitome of luxury living, the Oswal Group reigns supreme in Kolkata’s real estate realm. With a legacy spanning over five decades, the group has garnered acclaim for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Offerings like the Ganga Sundeck epitomize luxury, catering to the discerning tastes of modern homeowners. As the Union Budget 2024 opens doors to greater investment and innovation, the Oswal Group continues to lead the charge, setting new standards of excellence in Kolkata’s residential landscape.


The Union Budget 2024 heralds a new era of growth and prosperity for Kolkata’s real estate sector. With affordability, sustainability, and innovation at its core, the city stands poised to emerge as a beacon of opportunity for investors and homebuyers alike. As Kolkata’s skyline transforms and dreams find a home in its midst, the ‘City of Joy’ reaffirms its status as a timeless symbol of hope and aspiration.

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